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glass, porcelain, BloeGlass, inox

In this work Bloe portrays her technical research into her own material as an interpreted lab fragment. Glass and porcelain are central to this work, individually as well in their "Bloe-form". The outcome of this designed research is not inside the receptacles but are the receptacles themselves.

2019 - 2021


50% porcelain, 50% glassformers

Fascinated by experiment, Bloe started the search for her own material. She wanted to combine her most used material with her most loved technique; porcelain & glassblowing. Experiments with glassformers, meltingpoint depressants, porcelain powders, etc. led to its own chemical composition; "BloeGlass". This is glass with a naturally rich, transparent, light blue color. 

A Work In Motion
2019 - 2020


porcelain, glass, acrylic, 


Written by Filip Luyckx, curator of the Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussels. In occasion  of; "Young Artists, 2019".

"Bloe looks for the purpose in the organization of a fictional landscape made out of construction fragments in porcelain and glass. The model is custom-built for the visitor of the exhibition space. In the spirit of architecture, her form language is prices and based on a logical reduction of materials, volumes and colors. She draws inspiration from architecture and her everyday surroundings. This specially designed alphabet offers room for an endless variation of the basic components, thanks to the unusual use of materials, the balance between shapes and colors, the suggestions of viewing directions and construction activity. A fixative center is missing; instead the mutual relationship between fragments come to the foreground. We recognize recurring elements of a personal alphabet, but they never become symbols with fixed connotations. The model shows affinity with virtual landscapes, computer models and animation. Such research into mental architecture landscapes offers a broad perspective on a creative exploration."


De Spraakzaamheid van de Materie
2018 - 2019


glass, porcelain, nylon thread, tape, ytong

This work grew out of Bloe's interest in architectural relationships. Within her practice she searches for the relationship between form, matter and space. In her pursuit of perfection, she allows material coincidence. The work in its subtle simplicity and spatial balance results in a vulnerable, material temporality.